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Terminal for EHF-therapy

A compact device «MILTA-EHF-terminal» is based on the terminal (emitting block) of the apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01». Its purpose is to treat a wide spectrum of diseases with Extremely High Frequency (EHF) radiation in one of three fixed wave lengths in the millimeter range -4.9 mm (60.12GHz), 5.6 mm (53.53 GHz) and 7.1 mm (42.19 GHz). «MILTA-EHF-terminal» These wave lengths are most often used in medical practice. To get more detailed information on EHF-therapy refer to section basics of EHF-therapy.

The main distinctive feature of the device «MILTA-EHF-therapy» is the fact that all the three wave lengths are generated by one emitter, while in all the devices existing presently it is necessary to buy a separate emitter for every wave length. This provided convenience and cheapness of the device.

Other distinctive features of the device:

  • Small size. «MILTA-EHF-terminal» is currently the smallest device for EHF-therapy (it is as small as a palm).Still is has all the necessary features to conduct a successful therapy.
  • User-friendly control board. Work regime is set by just three buttons situated on the front panel.
  • Universal method. The device «milta-EHF-terminal» is supplied with adapted methodical guidance on EHF-therapy, which gives methods of treatment for most often encountered diseases. Unless the doctor finds the needed diseases in attached guidance, he can apply any of known methods, including those for the devices of other brands. This is possible as far as most methodical recommendations on EHF-therapy give treatment methods for 4.9; 5.6 and 7.1 wave lengths.

The device «MILTA-EHF-terminal» is manufactured in two modifications:

  1. as an additional terminal to the device «MILTA-F-8-01». It is connected to the apparatus «milta-F» through a special socket, and enables EHF-therapy session to be combined with MIL-therapy session. This model is convenient if there is a short of space in physio-therapeutic room, as it combines two devices in one - for magnet-light-laser and EHF-therapy.
  2. As a separate device. In this case it is fed from the mains. This model is convenient for doctors who have to conduct therapy not only in a physio-therapeutic room, but also near a patient's bed, in a ward, or a home.

Main technical parameters

Dimensions, sm 10.5*6.0*6.5
Weight, kg 0.3
Consumed energy 200V/50Hz-12W
EHF-radiation in wave length ( sweep width 100 mHz), mm 7.1; 5.6; 4.9
Power flux density of one emitter, mW/cm2 4-12
Exposure period, min 1-99