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EHF-therapy Device «EHF-ND»

Microprocessor-based three-frequency decice «EHF-ND» is intended to treat a wide spectrum of diseases, caused by violation in organism's own defensive means. «EHF-ND» Its therapeutic effect is based on the usage of electro-magnetic waves in the millimeter range. This therapy, named EHF-therapy (Extremely High Frequency), is finding wider application in medical practice. This is caused by its high therapeutic effect, and the fact that practically no contraindications has been revealed. It is also worth to note such features of the EHF-therapy as non-invasiveness, absence of allergic reaction to EHF-radiation, high effectiveness when being used as a monotherapy. The device «EHF-ND» generates three most often used on practice wave lengths in the EHF-range: 4.9 mm (60.12 GHz), 5.6 mm (53.53 GHz) and 7.1 mm (42.19 GHz).

Main distinctive features of the device are:

  • Small size. The device with all the accessories goes in a lady's bag. At that its features can be compared with one of the most known at present devices (e.g. the device " Yav").
  • Possible choice of required emitters. The device is made of a base block with a control board and three connected emitters. Every emitter generates radiation in one wave length (4.9; 5.6 or 7.1). Practical application shows that the most often used lengths are 5.6 and 4.9. Also, depending on the type of a medical institution or doctor's specialty, only one wave length can be used. In this case it is not necessary to buy all the three emitters, it will be sufficient to choose one or two which find wider application in practice. Consequently, the fewer emitters there are in the device, the lower is its price.
  • User-friendly control-board. Being based on a microprocessor, the device is very compact and is convenient in its work. It takes less then 30 seconds to set up work regimes
  • Detection of emitter's efficiency. The device is supplied with a detector, which signals presence/absence of EHF-radiation.
  • Connection with an acupuncture header. Emitter's design allows it to be extended with a cone-shaped header, which makes possible to conduct EHF-therapy on acupuncture points.
  • Universal methods. The device «EHF-ND» is supplied with adapted methodical guidance on EHF-therapy, which gives the method of treatment for most often encountered in practice diseases. Unless the doctor finds the needed diseases in attached guidance, he can apply any of the known methods, including those for the devices of other brands. This is possible as far as most methodical recommendations on EHF-therapy give treatment methods for 4.9; 5.6 and 7.1 wave lengths.

Main technical parameters

Dimensions, mm 200*110*50
Weight, full set, kg 1.2
Consumed energy 200V/50Hz-12
EHF-radiation in wave length ( sweep width 100 mHz) 7.1; 5.6; 4.9
Power flux density of one emitter, mW/cm2 4-12
Exposure period, min 1-99
Continuos and broken regime of emitters' work  

Declaration of Conformity № POCC Ru. ME67.Д00227, valid till 19.08.2015