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MIL-therapy Device «MILTA-F-5-01»

МИЛТА-Ф-5-01 «MILTA-F-5-01» is the latest medical device, which favorably treats the organism with three therapeutic factors: soft laser radiation, infra-red light, and magnetic field. To get detailed information on the basics of treating method and therapeutic properties of the device, refer to section "MIL-therapy".

The treatment is conducted by external exposure of specific body zones, using specially selected for every disease regime of therapy. The treatment with the device is absolutely harmless and painless.

A convenient control panel, easy work with the device, small size - all these features make «MILTA-F-5-01» an irreplaceable instrument for physiotherapist, private medical practitioners, and those who have to conduct therapy near a patient's bed.

Every device is supplied with a detailed manual with recommendations on its application. The manual gives treatment procedures for most often encountered in practice diseases.

The apparatus consists of a power supply unit, which is connected with the mains, and a treating unit- a terminal, its design allows it to be held in a hand with most convenience. All the control buttons, as well as all the therapeutic elements are located on the terminal.

The device «MILTA-F-5-01» has microprocessor control, a digital board, radiation presence check, timer, red illumination of the irradiated area, sound and digital indication.

On your request the device can be equipped with a holding support and special goggles, which protect the eyes from laser radiation.

The device «MILTA-F-5-01» has been tested in a leading scientific institutions in Russia ( Moscow Regional Scientific Research Clinical Institute, Moscow Physiotherapeutic Clinical Hospital , Moscow State Medical-Dental University) and got only positive comments ( no one critical reference!). Long-term clinical practice of "MILTA" line apparatuses application gives evidence of reliability, safety, and high effectiveness of this method of treatment. The device «milta-F-5-01» was given a registration certificate by the RF Ministry of Public Health № 29/0606702/4572-02 (valid till 08.07. 2012), and the Corresponding Certificate by RF State Standard № Pocc RU ИМ02. В10410 (valid till 12.12.2006)

Main technical parameters:

Weight, g 650
Size, cm:  
 Terminal: 10,5*6,0*6,5
 Adapter: 12,0*6,0*4,0
Wave length of laser and LEDs' IR radiation, mkm 0,85-0,89
Laser radiation pulses repetition rate, Hz 5, 50, 80, 150, 600, 1500
LEDs' radiation power, mW 0; 50; 100
Laser radiation pulse power, W at least 5(10)*
Magnetic induction, mTl at least 20
Exposure period , min 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9
Power supply 200V, 50Hz

*The device is produced with laser pulse power at least 5 W, but on Customer's request can be equipped with a more powerful laser.