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Light and Laser Therapy Device MILTA BIO

MILTA BIO Device is a new improved device designed by JSC United Space Device Corporation specialists.
MILTA BIO Device is intended for both professional and home use, almost has no age limits in operation.
Main Advantages of the Device:
  • Wide range of diseases for which MILTA BIO device is recommended;
  • Adjustable radiation power;
  • Bioresonance effect realization;
  • Programmable frequency modes;
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) radiation of red and blue color.
Physiotherapeutic Factors of Laser Therapeutic Device MILTA BIO:
  • Constant magnetic field;
  • Infrared pulsed laser radiation;
  • Red spectral range light radiation;
  • Blue spectral range light radiation;
  • Infrared spectral range light radiation.
Why BIO? 
A human being is considered to be healthy if everything in the organism is balanced and works with no disturbances. If an individual gets ill, dyssinchrony appears, and in the affected area different level changes occur: molecular, tissue, intraorganic. Medical and biological use of bioresonance phenomenon enables activation of important biological processes. Bioresonance phenomenon is realized when values of pulsed laser action frequencies and values of the system exposed to this action frequencies are equal.
Resonance action helps to restore functional integrity of the organism, and it lets an individual feel healthy and full of energy.
Laser therapeutic device MILTA BIO uses several frequency ranges directed to recovery of different intratissular and endocellular failures. Described bioresonance phenomena for these frequency values have quite certain therapeutic and biological sense.
Frequency Change Modes are Designed for the Following Tasks:
Code Name
Mode 1
Frequency range for cell system normal activity stabilization
Mode 2
Chronic Prostatitis
Treatment of acute and chronic organ diseases with marked inflammation and pain syndrome
Mode 3
Acute Pain
Laser light radiated by this Mode is intended for direct irradiation of areas with acute spastic pain and strong burning, tearing feeling
Mode 4
Treatment of inflammatory joint diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, diseases of ligament and muscular system; this mode is also used for blood photomodification when irradiating projection areas of vessels, spleen, liver.
Mode 5
Direct action to the vessels affected by II-IV type atherosclerotic plaques for their reduction
Which Diseases Does MILTA BIO Device Treat Most Efficiently?

MILTA BIO has proven its clinical efficacy in treatment of the vast range of different nosology kinds. Below you can see the List of all the pathologies. There is a detailed and easy in use Guidance for each disease. A Guidance Set is included into the price and is provided in package. 

The List of Pathologies Treatable by MILTA BIO:
  • Digestive system diseases;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Obstetric and gynecological disorders;
  • Cardio-vascular diseases;
  • Respiratory disorders;
  • Dermatology and cosmetology problems;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Otorhinolaryngology issues;
  • Dentistry issues;
  • Musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Surgical pathologies;
  • Pediatric issues;
  • Different kinds of anemia;
  • Joint and muscle contractures in infantile cerebral paralysis.
Main power, no more than
5 VA
Full battery charge time, no more than
6 h
Magnetic induction on the magnet axis in the terminal exit aperture plane, over the range of
20 – 80 mT
Terminal aperture area
3,8 cm2
Laser Infrared Radiation
Wave length
0.85 – 0.95 µm
Pulsed power of radiation
2 - 20 W
Adjustment step
2 W
Laser radiation pulse length
70 – 120 ns
Maximal radiation power at the terminal outlet, no less than
50 mW
Red LED Radiation
Wave length
0.62 – 0.68 µm
Maximal radiation power at the terminal outlet, no less than
5 mW
Blue LED Radiation 
Wave length
0.45 – 0.48 µm
Maximal radiation power at the terminal outlet, no less than
10 mW
Infrared LED Radiation 
Wave length
0.85-0.89 µm
Maximal radiation power at the terminal outlet, no less than
50 mW
Frequencies of Laser Radiation Pulse Repetition
Mode 1
from 20 to 800 Hz
Mode 2
from 20 to 2720 Hz
Mode 3
from 26 to 3040 Hz
Mode 4
from 7.7 to 1550 Hz
Mode 5
from 20 to 2720 Hz
Time of fixation at each frequency
3 s
Radiation time
from 0 to 20 min
Display of time of battery charge level before switching to Waiting Mode (Sleep Mode), not less than
30 s
Display of time of battery charge level
Device Overall Dimensions
Terminal, no more than
105С…60С…65 mm
Adapter, no more than
40С…65С…70 mm
Mass of the device excluding spare parts and outfit
no more than 0.5 kg
Mass of the device in full delivery package
no more than 1 kg
Delivery Package
Specification Sheet
Operation Guidance