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MIL-therapy Device «MILTA-F-8-01»

The device «MILTA-F-8-01» is an upgraded version of the MILTA-line devices intended for medical institutions of various kinds. Its treating effect is based on simultaneous or separate (also in any combination ) action of three physical factors : constant magnetic field, pulse laser radiation and continuous LEDs radiation of the IR range of wave length.


The device is distinguished from similar ones by:

  • Wide range of laser radiation pulses repetition rate. The apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01» was developed in close collaboration with leading clinical institutions of Moscow (Moscow Regional Scientific-Research Clinical Institute, Physio-therapeutic Clinical Hospital, Scientific-Research Institute of Ambulance Serveice named after Sklifosovsky, Hospital named after Burdenko). According to their recommendation there were selected most frequently used on practice rates of laser radiation pulses repetition.
  • Even distribution of radiation power density over the irradiated area. The terminal of the device is equipped with a pulse laser and four IR LEDs. In common devices the radiation fall on the irradiated area as five spots. «MILTA-F-8-01» design allows it to distribute radiation over the whole irradiated area ( 3.8 cm 2) evenly, thus boosting the efficiency of treatment.
  • Possible connection of an additional emitting terminal. To carry out manipulation over large surface of the body, or large damaged areas (for example, burns), and to realize the method of counter exposure, «MILTA-F» can be equipped with an additional terminal (emitting block of the device), which duplicates the parameters of the main one and works in synchronization with it. It is also convenient that a specialist can order apparatus with only one terminal, and, after some experimentation, decide, if there is a need in the additional one.
  • Possible connection with light-guide heads. The light -guide heads are made from special organic glass and are intended to conduct laser and light diodes radiation directly to inflammation focus. The depth of laser radiation penetration is 6-10 cm, so in most cases the heads are not needed. But in some fields, such as gynecology, urology, dentistry, otolaryngology, light-guide heads improve efficiency of treatment. There has been developed a special head and a methodical guidance for specialists in reflex-therapy to conduct MIL-reflex therapy.

The main distinctive feature of «MILTA-F-8-01» is the in-built photometer, a device, used to measure the volume of IR radiation reflected from a patient's skin.

This index helps the doctor to:

  • set up the level of IR-light-diodes radiation power. The design of most popular at present models of laser- and magnet-laser therapy devices allows to choose only a specific level from a maximum (for example, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). At that the exact volume of this level can fluctuate depending on the laser and LEDs technical parameters, thus while treating the doctor does not have idea of the real power level. It is not a rare case when patients are treated with the device which doesn't give sufficient radiation. The apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01» is improved with the possibility to set up radiation power to within 1 mW. The loss of radiation power as time goes is immediately detected.
  • evaluate treatment success. When treating a patient with «MILTA-F» device, a part of IR radiation is reflected from a patient's skin, a part penetrates the tissues where it disseminates and is absorbed. At this the volume of reflected and absorbed radiation depends on peculiarities in tissues structure and their condition, presence ( absence) of inflammatory processes. While treating, the doctor sees on the digital board the level of reflected radiation (coefficient of reflection). As it was already mentioned, this index depends on patient's condition. While recovering, the coefficient of reflection grows up until it reaches a norm (usually, the readings in contralateral areas are compared). The fall of reflection coefficient from procedure to procedure points to possible complication. So, a doctor is empowered with one more capability- to forecast possible complications.
  • position inflammatory focus. If a patient has any inflammations, the apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01» can be used as a diagnostic mean. While moving the emitting terminal over a supposed (determined) inflammatory focus and controlling the level of reflection coefficient, a doctor positions the focus : in a specific zone coefficient of reflection will be lower than beyond it - this zone is the inflammatory focus.

Diagnostic and monitoring properties of the device «MILTA-F-8-01» were upgraded in the model with an additional photometer, the latter can also be acquainted with at our site.


Dimensions, mm 240х215х115
Wave length of laser and light-emitting diodes IR radiation, mkm 0,85 – 0,89
Repetition frequency of laser radiation pulses, Hz 5, 10, 50, 80, 150, 600, 1500, 5000
Light emitting diodes radiation power, mW 0 – 100
Laser radiation power (pulse), W no less than 5*
Magnetic induction, mTl no less than 20
Exposure, min 0.25; 0.5; 1; 2; 5; 10; 15
Power supply 220/110 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight, kg 2,5

* on Customer's request can be equipped with a more powerful laser

The device can be equipped with light-guide heads (2 gynecological, otalaryngological, urological, dental, acupuncture), protective goggles, a support with a holder, an additional emitting terminal.

Patent № 207879,2143293
Conformity Certificate № РОСС ru. ИМ02.В10248