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MIL-therapy Device «MILTA-F-8-01» with expanded diagnostic properties

One of the priorities in modification and development of new MILTA models is a widening their diagnostic features concerned with its in-built additional photometer – a module which receives a part of reflected IR-light from the irradiated surface. The data in terms of the reflected signal gives a physiotherapist quite valuable possibilities:


- set up a necessary IR-diodes emission power (in mW) and estimate an individual level of absorbed power. The most popular apparatuses for laser- and magneto-laser therapy are capable to operate with definite power index, i.e. 25%, 50%, 75% or with the full one. The precise irradiation power level, as a rule, remains unknown. That’s why a physician, while making a treatment, doesn’t know the real irradiation power output and therefore, a true rate of emanation absorbed. MILTA-F-8-01 has precise settings of IR-diodes power, what results in determining an individual level of absorbed irradiation;
- localize pathology focus and its dimensions. While moving an emanating terminal in the field of inflammatory process, the value of reflected signal is changed. The minimal value is observed at the centre of an inflammation, tends to a norm at the border (it increases to a typical rate of counterlateral (symmetrical) area. It is the condition that helps in localizing pathology focus and its dimensions;
- measure treatment progression on the way to recovery the level of IR-radiation goes up approaching a norm. . When processing magneto-IR-laser therapy, a part of IR-radiation is reflected out from the irradiated area, another part penetrates the tissues where it disseminates and is absorbed. At this the volume of reflected and absorbed radiation depends on peculiarities in tissues structure and their condition, presence or absence of inflammatory process. Using MILTA-F-8-01 device, a physician monitors the volume of reflected IR-radiation, intensity and orientation of its change, so one can estimate and foresee treatment progression to recovery, preventing the extension of inflammatory process in time. Under positive treatment progression an index of reflected signal is increased tending to a norm (comparing usually the rates in counterlateral areas). At the same time decreasing of the reflected signal procedure to procedure indicates the enlargement of inflammation and probable complication. This way, a physician can forecast these complications;


MILTA-F-8-01 with expanded diagnostic possibilities differs from the basic model in an additional photometer built-in outside a zone of irradiation that registers a part of IR-light disseminated in subcutis. As far as the dissemination in tissues depends on the presence of their heterogeneity, the presence and stage of the inflammatory process, registration of the disseminated IR-radiation makes it possible to use the device in diagnostics and probable complications forecasting.

Research tests, carried out in leading medical institutions in Moscow have shown that magneto-infrared-laser apparatus MILTA-F-8-01 with expanded diagnostic possibilities proved to be valuable and informative in diagnostics and monitoring over the treatment with any different physiotherapeutic procedures as well as pharmaceuticals.