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Warranty and Maintenance

Warranty terms for the products of JSC United Space Device Corporation:
  • For MILTA-F-8-01 devices, radiating elements, mouthpieces, safety glasses – 24 months (2 years) since the day of sale to the customer;
  • For MILTA-F-5-01, MILTA-F-5-01 (A), MILTA-F-5-01 (BIO), MILTA-F-5-01 (SPORT) devices – 60 months (5 years) since the day of sale to the customer;
  • For batteries to MILTA-F-5-01 (A), MILTA-F-5-01 (BIO), MILTA-F-5-01 (SPORT) devices – 12 months (1 year) since the day of sale to the customer;
  • For disposable light guides KIVL-01 for VLOK – 24 months (2 years) since the day of sale to the customer.
In any kind of maintenance, please, do not forget to give us with a MILTA device the following documents and data:
  • Specification Sheet;
  • Malfunction report written in a free form with full description of the defect;
  • Your contacts. It is very important for us to know when, where and whom we should return a repaired device.
MILTA devices are not taken to warranty repair in the following cases:
  • Disturbed protective seals on the device;
  • Missing Specification Sheet;
  • Presence of mechanical damage or foreign bodies (including liquids) inside the device;
  • Severe contamination of the device or its parts.
In all the above mentioned cases repair is carried out only on the account of the customer.
Time of warranty and post-warranty repair is 5 – 10 working days.
If urgent repair is needed, please, let the Order Processing Department specialists know about the date when you are going to deliver the device to repair and the date you would like to get it back. Our staff will do anything possible to meet you request.
You can deliver the product to be repaired to our office yourself or send it by Russian Post in the form of a regular parcel to our address: 111250, Russia, Moscow, Aviamotornaya st., 53 korpus 1, entrance 9, office 304. You can take back your device after repair in the same way: take it yourself or get by post.
In case of warranty repair post costs will be recovered by us within certain limits at customer’s request. If you want to send us a device to repair in the way different than Russian Post you should do it in coordination with JSC United Space Device Corporation.  
In case of non-warranty repair all post costs are paid by the customer.
Post-warranty repair cost depends on the character on malfunction and may vary from 1500 to 3000-4000 roubles. You will have to pay maximal price only in case of laser radiating element replacement.
Also we provide another service: we can check if the contracted laser power equals actual laser power.
Diagnostic Cost:
MILTA-F-5 series – USD 19.90
MILTA-F-8 series – USD 26.90
Please, feel free to contact our Order Processing Department if you have any question about warranty or post-warranty repair: +7 (495) 673-96-17, +7 (495) 673-99-18, milta-f@mail.ru.