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Basics of EHF-therapy

Extremely-High-Frequency (EHF)- therapy is a therapeutic application of the electro-magnetic waves in the millimeter range. This kind of therapy has been successfully used in clinical practice for more than 20 years already, and proved to be effective when treating a wide range of diseases.

Extremely high frequencies occupy the range of 30-300 GHz ( range of wave length -10-1 mm). A peculiar feature of this frequency range is that millimeter radiation from space is practically absorbed by the earth atmosphere, so biological evolution of all the organisms was taking place in the presence of little natural EHF electro-magnet radiation This probably explains active influence low-intensity millimeter radiation has over a human being.

The most often used in EHF therapy wave lengths are: 4.9 mm (60.12GHz), 5.6 mm (53.33 GHz), and 7.1 mm (42.19 GHz). Low-intensity millimeter radiation is a type of non-ionizing radiation, so it doesn't cause any destructive effect on biological tissues, thus it is harmless.

Therapeutic effect produced by EHF radiation lies in conformational reorganization in structural elements of the skin and activation of its nerve conductors with tonic activity, induced by the waves in millimeter range. Modulation of their pulse activity brings changes in the structure of ascending pulse flow, thus activating dermo-viscelar reflexes.

The action produced by millimeter waves over local painful zones, reflexogenous zones and accupuncture points brings changes in the work of vegetal nervous and endocrine systems, thus contributing to improvement in trophism of gastro-duodenal zone's mucous, dermal glandulus apparatus. Also, conformational changes in dermal structures produced by millimeter waves, induce skin's immunogenesis thus resolving humoral and cellular immunity and organism's reaction. This reaction for millimeter radio waves is developed in the frames of general adaptation syndrome and expressed as an increase in non-specific resistance of an organism to environmental factors. Neuro-humoral activation of the organism's anti-oxidant system, arisen by millimeter radiation, blocks lipids' peroxidation processes which play a significant role in pathogenesis of a number of diseases and their aggravations.

Some researches consider special bio-informative function of EHF-radiation as being connected with resonance energy absorption, start of self-oscillation processes and conformation reorganization in biological structures. This conception is based on the coincidence of EHF-radiation frequency with the frequency of relaxation oscillation in some biological molecules. This creates theoretical prerequisites for the formation of synchronously oscillating assembles of biological supermolecules. But when analyzing such presuppositions it should be taken into account that the phenomenon of frequency- dependant absorption of electro-magnetic energy has been discovered for protozoa and cellular cultures. This phenomenon has not been revealed yet for real biological objects.

Consequently, presently there are no scientific grounds to build the theory of the action produced by EHF-radiation on the basis of so-called biological resonance.

There should be noted such peculiarities of EHF-theory as non-invasiveness, absence of allergic reaction to EHF-radiation, effectiveness as a monotherapy ( i.e. therapy without medicines). A specific feature of EHF-therapy is its normalizing character, i.e. EHF-radiation brings to norm only deviated physiological parameters in an organism: brings up decreased indices and brings down increased ones. The parameters in norm do not react to millimeter waves radiation.

A long clinical practice in EHF-radiation exploitation has proved that this kind of therapy has no side-effects practically with all diseases, successfully combines with other methods- traditional, surgical, physiotherapeutic, etc., strengthening their effect, reducing recovery period, prolonging period of remission; has polytherapeutic effect, affecting both main and accessory diseases; improves non-specific resistance; evokes an increase in a number of leucocytes; has anti-stress action; boosts immune status of the organism; normalizes the level of hormones in plasma; activates the marrow; brings up the discharge of the reserve brood; normalizes reological properties of the blood; activates microcirculation; normalizes antioxidant status; relieves from the pain syndrome; activates cells regeneration; quickens wounds healing; normalizes release and motor activity of the gastro-intestinal tract; has sedative effect; stabilizes psycho-emotional status; has prolonged action.