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Method of treatment

The apparatuses «EHF-ND» and «EHF-terminal» are supplied with adapted methodical guidance on EHF-therapy, edited by V.M. Fiodosov. The guidance includes the following sections:
  • Areas of application for EHF-therapy
  • Theoretical basics
  • Advantages of EHF-therapy
  • Indications for EHF-therapy
  • Contraindications for EHF-therapy
  • Obligatory recommendations
  • Evaluation of therapeutic effect when conducting EHF-therapy
  • Methods of treatment for specific diseases and nosological forms:
    1. The points of general exposure for EHF-therapy
    2. EHF- therapy zones for spinal column diseases
    3. EHF-therapy zones when treating pain in edgebone and tail bone.
    4. EHF-therapy zones for treating sciatica ( injury of sciatic nerve)
    5. EHF-therapy zones
    6. EHF-therapy zones for gynecological diseases
    7. EHF-therapy zones for kidneys diseases.
    8. EHF-therapy zones for stomach diseases
    9. EHF-therapy zones for duodenum diseases
    10. EHF-therapy zones for liver and gall bladder diseases
    11. EHF-therapy zones for pancreas diseases
    12. EHF-therapy zones for large intestine and rectum disorders
    13. EHF-therapy zones when treating headaches
    14. EHF-therapy zones for heart disorders
    15. EHF-therapy zones for lungs diseases
    16. EHF-therapy zones for disorders in the right shoulder joint
    17. EHF-therapy zones for diseases of the elbow joint
    18. EHF-therapy zones for disorders of the pelvis joint
    19. EHF-therapy zones for disorders in the knee joint
    20. EHF-therapy zones for otolaryngological diseases
    21. EHF-therapy zones for diseases of the peripheral vessels in the legs
    22. EHF-therapy zones in dentistry
    Reference literature on EHF-therapy
The guidance contains pictures as well as recommended zones and regimes to treat various diseases.