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5. Safety measures.

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Safety measures

Only persons older than 18 and without any medical contraindications mentioned in Order No 555 dated 27.09.89 of Healthcare Ministry of USSR (after 14.03.96 Order № 90 of Healthcare Ministry of RF) are allowed to work with lasers. The above mentioned contraindications are the following:

• chronic recurrent skin diseases;
• decrease of vision acuity more than 0,6 on one eye and more than 0,5 on the other eye ( the vision acuity is defined with correction).
The following limits of refraction anomalies revealed sciascopically on the worst eye are acceptable: short-sightedness not more than 6,0 D; in normal i-eye fundus - up to 10,0 D; far-sightedness depending on the correction - up to 6,0 D; complex short-sighted and far-sighted astigmatism in meridians of the most value - not more than 3,0 D; simple short-sighted, simple far-sighted astigmatism - not more than 3,0 D.
• cataract;
• vegeto-vascular dystony, astenic, astenic-vegetative, hypothalamic syndrome.

The staff working with medical lasers should obligatory undergo a preliminary examination before offering a job; they also must have regular medical examinations while they work with lasers ( USSR Healthcare Ministry, Order № 700 dated19.06.81).

One may start working with the apparatus only after getting acquainted with its technical parameters and its instruction manual. The staff which is subject to work with laser apparatus should undergo special trainings on safety regulations. Persons which are temporary subject to work with lasers should be instructed on safety demands and proper sanitation during their work with lasers; they should also be supervised by one of the permanent employees.

It is strictly prohibited to look at the aperture of curative terminal (an output slot for optic-laser radiation ) when apparatus is switched on. It is prohibited to put any glittering things causing mirror reflection of the emitted laser beam, if not necessary. It is prohibited to leave a working laser without any control or to use home-made cutouts.

Individual protective means (protective glasses) should consider LILR wave length and light-filter optic density. A sign of laser danger “Be careful! Laser radiation!” should be put at the door of the room where laser therapy is performed as it is prescribed by standard regulations GOST 12.4.026-76 (Annex 3). There is no need to do some special re-equipment of the room for lasers “MILTA-F”.