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6. Work guidelines.

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Work guidelines

While working with the apparatus one should fulfil all recommendations described in its technical characteristics and instruction manual.

Every day before work the apparatus should be checked for:

- functionality of net wire and cable of the curative terminal;
- curative terminal integrity;
- lightening of digital indicators and light-indicators at the power unit;
- lightening of light-indicator on the curative terminal;
- a sound alarm when turning laser on and off.

A physician, specialist in MIL-therapy, defines an area on patient's body for MIL-therapy while the patient is in the recumbent or siting position. After that the curative terminal ( the terminal) is applied to this area. Sometimes it is more convenient to use two terminals simultaneously. The terminal surface is preliminary treated with 96 % ethyl alcohol; or, a protective cover (enclosed to the set) is fixed on it. If the effected area is large, it is divided into zones which are irradiated one by one. A total time for one session is usually 6-8 minutes. It is not recommended to have the exposure longer than 10 minutes. Zones for irradiation and LILR frequencies are defined by a physician individually for every patient depending on the pathology treated and MIL-therapy possibilities.

For treating large areas, for instance, large joints, bronchi and lungs or large wounds, burns, frostbites two terminals simultaneously are applied. Such an approach reduces session duration. Experimental and clinical investigations have shown that 4-6 min of MIL-irradiation (irrespective of the location) are enough for developing a full range of systemic reactions in the organism. After the session a patient must have a rest during 10-15 min ( the period of the most intensive reactions of cardio-vascular system).

Women are recommended to start MIL-therapy after the 5th-7th day of their menstruation. In the first 3 days of menstruation MIL-therapy is not performed (except some special treatment).