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Currently, physicians of all countries use in their practice more and more actively non-medicamentous approaches for therapy regulating organism functionability both in combination with drugs and as a monotherapy. Progress of medical science, technology and clinical medicine has been significantly defined by the achievements in the sphere of quantum electronics. Optic quantum generators, especially medical lasers, have inexhaustible possibilities which are evidently demonstrated by the results of treatment of various pathologies revealed in man.

Lasers have been implemented into medical practice comparatively recently, about 30 years ago. Nevertheless, advantages of their application in medicine are evident and impressive. Studies on biostimulative effects of low intensive laser radiation have discovered wide perspectives of laser application in almost all fields of medicine. Russian laser medicine is one of the world’s leaders in the nomenclature of apparatuses, in the scale of investigations, in the depth and volume of instructive materials how to treat patients and use lasers in almost all fields of modern medicine.

Laser therapy utilises low intensive radiation of gas and semiconductive lasers (laser therapy) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) (phototherapy).

Laser or optic quantum generator is a technical unit which emits light in a very narrow range of the spectrum as a directed highly coherent monochromatic polarized beam, i.e. the stream of electromagnetic radiation of one colour highly organised in space and time. One of the basic characteristics of laser radiation is its spectral parameter or wavelength. Laser therapy utilises radiation within the range of the wavelength from 0,3 up to 10,06 mkm ( from ultraviolet to infrared). Opposite to medicamentous treatment laser therapy is a topical, dose-dependent and non-invasive approach; cells and tissues are effected from the outside and consequently, routine biological processes are normalised. Laser- and phototherapy regulate metabolism, circulation, immunity, as well as improve non-specific organism resistance (mioprotective, radioprotective effects). Laser therapy is completely safe in adequate doses.

Experimental and clinical investigations (Alexandrov M.T. et al, 1996, Alexejev U.V., 1999, Baibekov I.M. et al, 1996, Briskin B.S. et al,1996, Gladkikh S.P. et al, 1996, Zubkova S.M., 1991, Kozlov V.I. et al, 1993) have showed that the application of LILR in the near IR spectrum (0,83-1,3 mkm) for treating patients appears to be more effective in many cases in comparison with LILR in the visible range of the spectrum (red, green, blue). Laser therapy effectiveness significantly increases when short-pulsed IR LILR is combined with continuous IR LED radiation and with CMF: magnet infrared laser therapy, MIL-therapy. Different combinations of these radiations are designed in serially produced device “MILTA” (Magnetic-Infrared Laser Therapeutic Apparatus) and in the devices of a new generation - “MILTA-F” type. The construction of the apparatus makes it possible to use combined radiation effects: laser+LED; laser+ magnet; LED+magnet; laser+LED+magnet.

Devices “MILTA-F” have an in- built biophotometer which allows to clarify diagnosis and to predict the course of pathologic process, to control this process as well as to prescribe the optimal dose of laser- and photoirradiation for every patient according to his individual sensitivity to IR radiation. Different biologic tissues have different spectral optic characteristics. These characteristics depend on patient’s age, his physiological and pathophysiological parameters as well as on the changes in his psychoemotional state. IR-testing (biophotometry) is performed in the apparatus simultaneously with MIL-therapy.

Specialised optic attachments (for acupuncture, rectal, otorhynolaryngological, dental, gynaecological therapy) allow doctors of different specialities to use a portable device “MILTA-F” in hospitals, policlinics, curative-diagnostic centres, sanatoriums, curative prophylactic institutions and at home.

Clinical trails at leading scientific institutions of Russia and abroad as well as long-lasting experience with MIL-therapy have confirmed “MILTA-F” reliability, safety and high therapeutic effectiveness.

The Instructions are recommended for physicians of various specialities who have finished courses of advanced and postdiploma medical studies. The Instructions are not intended to serve as a text-book on laser therapy. The List of Literature enclosed at the end of the Instructions will help the readers to enlarge and deepen their knowledge in this perspective field.