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Methodical guidance

Application of magnet-IR-laser therapeutic apparatuses
of «MILTA-F» type.

Medical guidance
Compiled by V.A. Builin, Candidate of Medical Sciences.
Magnet-IR-laser therapeutic apparatuses «MILTA-F» are a new generation of «MILTA-F»-type devices. They are distinguished by compact size, modern design, user-friendliness in operation and control over all radiation parameters. Laser is essential for patients with chronic disorders, disabled people, people who care for their health and time requirements. A patient is able to conduct necessary procedures himself, at any convenient time. Clear treatment techniques, developed for «MILTA-F» apparatuses, enable people without medical background use these devices at home ( on doctor's recommendation, and under his supervision).

This guidance is based on the methodical guidance for doctors " Application of «MILTA-F» therapeutic-diagnostic Magnet-IR-Laser apparatuses in medical practice, in two parts", second edition, revised and amended. Part 1. ( MIL-physiotherapy)/ Authors : V.A. Builin, CMS, Yu. V. Alekseyev, MD, G.A. Antonova, CMS, V.F. Balakov, CTS, A.N. Sheina, MD.-M, 1999, -102 p.

You can get acquainted with a guidance on «MILTA-F-5-01» application here (PDF, size 3192 Kb).

The guidance is approved by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the RF Ministry of Public Health.
«MILTA-F» apparatus and its modifications are designed and manufactured on a series basis by JSC "United Space Device Corporation", in cooperation with "Simbol" Ltd.
Medical co-executives: Moscow Medical Dental Institute named after N.A. Semashko, Moscow Scientific-Research Institute of Emergency Aid named after N.V. Sklifosovsky, Chair of Physiotherapy in the Russian Medical Academy of post-graduate education.
«MILTA-F»-type apparatuses are patented and recommended for serial production and application in medical practice by the RF Ministry of Public Health. The apparatuses are manufactured in accordance with the Technical Terms (TU), ratified by the RF State Standard. "MILTA' and «MILTA-F» are registered trade marks.
The apparatus «MILTA-F» obtained
Certificate of Conformity from RF State Standardand
Hygienic Certificate from RF Center of Sanitary Supervision and Disease Control.