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List of abbreviations and terms

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A - amper, SI unit of electric power.
BP - blood pressure
ACTG - adrenocorticotrophic hormone
APERTURA - a slot in laser protective body through which laser radiation comes out.
V - volt, a SI unit of electric tension, electric moving force (emf), difference of electric potentials.
VA - volt-amper, a unit of total capacity of electric power
Wt - watt, a SI unit of active capacity
Hz - a unit of frequency. 1 Hz - frequency of periodical process, in which one cycle of process lasts for 1 sec
J - joule , a unit to measure work or a dose (1J= Wt?s)
Dipole electric - a summation of two equal by absolute value opposite dotty charges (-e,+e) located from each other at some distance l.
Kg- kilogram
IR - infrared (the range of the electromagnetic radiation).
LT - laser therapy
mWT - millwatt (1 mWt=10 -3 Wt)
mWT - microwatt (10 -6 mWt)
MIL - magnetic infrared laser (irradiation, therapy)
mkm - a unit for measuring length (1 mkm=10 -6 m=1000nm)
MLT - magnetic laser therapy
mTl - millitesla, a SI unit of magnetic induction
LILR - low intensive laser radiation
SLRB - supervenous (subcutaneous, transdermal) laser radiation of blood
nm - nanometer, unit of length measurement (1nm=10 -9 m)
ns - nanosecond (1ns=10 -9 s)
CMF - constant magnetic field
POL - peroxide oxidation of lipids
RVG - reovasography
RECOMBINATION - an act of reunification of a positive ion and a free electron, which leads to the formation of an ion and a neutral atom ( a molecule)
s - second
USI - ultrasound investigation
FEGDS - fibroesophagogastroduodenoscopy
CNS - central nervous system
EMF - electric moving force
ECG - electrocardiogram
EEG - electroencephalogram
LED - a light-emitting diode
BP - blood pressure