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Basic facts about MIL-therapy

MILTA-F-8-01 Under «MILTA-F» name there are known devices, which unite in themselves widely spread in modern medicine therapeutic factors: magnetic field, low laser radiation and light-diodes IR radiation (magnet-light-laser therapy). As long as seventies of the previous century it was discovered that such simultaneous effect of the given physical factors boosts the efficiency 1.5 times as much, by professor A.K. Polonsky, M.D. Since then, magnet-light-laser therapy has been rapidly developing, and, due to high effectiveness and application in every field of medicine is considered to be one of the most promising directions in medicine of the 21-century.

The factor of most importance in the magnet-light-laser therapy is that it does not do any harm to the organism. The factors applied do not cut, heat, and poison the organism with chemical substances. The restoration of normal cells' work takes place on informative level, with gradual involving of all the defense mechanisms. Our organism is an ideal self-regulatory system, but as time goes, under exposure to disadvantageous factors (bad eating habits, ecology, stress, physical and psychological overloads, etc.) normal processes begin to fail, thus leading to diseases. «MILTA-F» therapy session is a gentle push, which activates this skidding mechanism. Metabolic processes in cells and tissues normalize, the organism is cleansed, blood circulation is improved, especially in diseased organs. Defensive means of the organism needed to cope with diseases are improved, the organism is recovered.

In comparison with other methods of treatment, «MILTA-F» device application has a number of advantages:

  • Safety. A.K. Polonsky said, that when he first considered the combination of magnet, infra-red light and laser influence, he noticed that all these factors are similar to natural ones. We are all constantly exposed to magnetic field of the Earth, as well as sun light. In the course of investigations it has been revealed that infra-red spectrum of the sun light has the most curative power. So, radiation exploited in «MILTA-F» devices is natural to a human, and its reasonable application does not bring any side effects.
  • Effectiveness. It has been clinically proved that magnet- light-laser therapy effectiveness in some cases is as much as 98%. Besides, in comparison with other methods, recovery term shortens as much as twice. On conduction a prophylactic course of MIL-therapy every six months the risk of new disease occurrence, or a chronic one aggravation reduces many times, physical and psychic power of the body is considerably raised.
  • Medicines-free. «MILTA-F» significantly intensifies and prolongs the action of medicines and cosmetics, thus helping to bring down their consumption. When treating many diseases with «MILTA-F» no medicines are required at all.

The mechanisms of biological and therapeutic action by laser IR radiation, light diodes radiation and constant magnetic field are thoroughly discussed in a manual on apparatus application .