About us

JSC “United Space Device Corporation” was created in 1992 by the group of enterprises, which were creating different systems of space technologies.

JSC “United Space Device Corporation” is head administrant for projects that concern creating and testing land and onboard complexes for controling spacecrafts and systems of space communication. These projects are carried out within National Defense Order and the Federal Space Program.

USDC realizes projects aimed for deployment of land infrastructure that is used for preparement and launching spacecrafts of different specializations on spaceports «Plesetsk», «Svobodny», «Baikonur».

In 1998 JSC “United Space Device Corporation” has combined its efforts with LLC “Symbol”, that was created by group of autors and developers of devices for magnetic-laser therapy under the names MILTA® and MILTA-F®.

In collaboration with medical specialists new models of these devices were created, new models that now are one of the most popular among other magnetic-laser therapy devices. Currently, a unique direction is being actively developed for diagnostics and monitoring using MILTA® devices, based on the analysis of the amount of infrared radiation reflected from the irradiated surface and dispersed in the internal tissues.

JSC “United Space Device Corporation”is current owner of MILTA®, MILTA-F®, МИЛТА®, МИЛТА-Ф®, Милтерра®, Биолазер® trademarks.