Full name:  MILTA-F-8
Year of development:  1997

MILTA F-8 device is a multifunctional platform that allows for versatile patient treatment due to simultaneous or separate exposure of a patient to three physical factors: a constant magnetic field, a impulsed laser radiation and constant LED radiation of the infrared (IR) wavelength range of the optical spectrum. In addition, MILTA F8 allows you to connect additional terminals, thereby expanding the original capabilities of the device with new factors or duplicating the original ones (which is necessary when treating paired organs). The modification of MILTA F8 (ED) also allows to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment based on the user feedback function, giving a report on the patient’s condition, the amount of radiation absorbed or reflected. When patient is recovering, the power of the reflected signal increases until it reaches the norm. At the same time, the drop in the power of the reflected signal from the procedure to the procedure signals a possible complication. Thus, the laser device MILTA-F8 can be used as a diagnostic tool, including when the patient has inflammatory processes.

Attention! For choosing an appropriate power value, as well as to specify your contraindications, it is recommended to contact us.

Device capabilities

A complete list of diseases covered by MILTA F8 is listed in the methodological manual. The spheres of diseases covered by MILTA F8 coincide with other devices of the MILTA series. However, due to the advanced settings and the possibility of modifying, MILTA F8 copes with a larger number of different diseases from the same areas.

For each group of diseases there is its own, the most appropriate, power ratio of the device. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the presented ratios “power-set of diseases” for the selection of a device suitable for you. In case of questions or if you do not find your disease or group to which it belongs, it is recommended to consult with our specialist.

Power Application
5-7 W Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatrics
7-9 W General physiotherapy
9-12 W Dentistry (with attachments), ENT (with attachments), Dermatology, Cosmetology (including laser-vacuum massage), Influence on internal organs (gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology), Reflexotherapy
12-15 W Urology (with attachments), Gynecology (with attachments), Proctology (with attachments), Laser-vacuum massage
15-18 W Urology (external), Dentistry (with attachments)
18-21 W Urology (externally in the treatment of prostate adenoma), Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, exostoses), Severe pain syndromes

Related equipment

Full kit

Related equipment

For the treatment of certain problem areas requires the use of specific light guiding attachments. More information about the attachments themselves, their methods and applications can be found in the manuals.

Also, to protect the eyes from direct and reflected laser radiation from a laser, it is highly recommended to use «BIOLASER» glasses.

«BIOLASER» glasses

Full kit

The mandatory delivery kit of any MILTA BIO apparatus includes the following items:
  • MILTA-F-8 device
  • Charger
  • Technical certificate
  • Methodical manual

MILTA F8 sets

We also offer pre-packaged sets that are fully staffed to work.
ATTENTION! The price of sets is cheaper than the price of the elements of a set separately.

General physiotherapy set

The set includes

  • MILTA-F-8 (power 7-9 W)
  • Additional terminal DT-2 (power 7-9 W)
  • Additional terminal MT
  • Attachments (universal set of attachments №1)
  • Anti-laser protective glasses for the doctor “BIOLAZER”
  • Protective glasses for the patient

Arthrology and neurology set

The set includes:

  • MILTA-F-8 (power 9-12 W)
  • Additional terminal KT-3 (power 9-12 W)
  • Additional terminal MT
  • Additional terminal DT-VLOK
  • Additional EHF terminal
  • Protective glasses for the doctor “BIOLAZER”
  • Protective glasses for the patient

Urology and gynecology set

The set includes:

  • MILTA-F-8 (power 9-12 W)
  • Additional terminal DT-2 (power 9-12 W)
  • Additional terminal MT
  • Additional terminal MVT
  • Set of attachments for obstetrics and gynecology
  • Set of attachments for urology and proctology
  • Anti-laser protective glasses for the doctor “BIOLAZER”
  • Protective glasses for the patient
  • Tripod holder for fixing terminals

Medical contraindications

  • Malignant neoplasms of any localization
  • Benign lesions with a propensity to progression; systemic blood disorders; leukemia
  • Pregnancy in all terms; hyperplastic processes in the uterus; benign genital tumors
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Infectious processes caused by anaerobic bacteria
  • Severe forms of uncompensated endocrine pathology
  • Photodermatitis and photodermatosis, porphyrin disease, discoid and systemic lupus erythematosus, rosacea
  • Mental diseases in the acute stage
  • Fever of unknown etiology
  • Severe forms of diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertensive crisis course, stage III cardiovascular insufficiency); acute disorders of cerebral circulation; lung disease with symptoms of pulmonary insufficiency stage III; hepatic and renal failure in decompensation stage

Please note, that it is NOT RECOMMENDED to irradiate the area of ​​the heart using a magnetic attachment, if you have an implanted artificial cardiac pacemaker.

In case of uncertainty, you must CONSULT a doctor!

Technical specifications

Overall measurements of the device, mm240х215х115
The wavelength of infrared laser radiation and LEDs, microns0,85–0,89
Impulse frequency rate of laser radiation, Hz5, 10, 50, 80, 150, 600, 1500, 5000
LED radiation power, mW0–100
Impulsed laser radiation power (not less than), W5, 7, 9, 12 or 15 (model dependent)
Timer, min0,25–15
Power supply from the network220 В, 50 Гц
Weight (not more than), kg2,5