MILTA Devices

Healing effect of MILTA devices based upon three physical factors, combined in one radiator: constant magnetic field, impulse laser and luminodiode radiation. Usage of MILTA devices invigorate​ biostimulating​​​​ effect, activates regeneration of tissues and organs, stimulates anti-inflammatory effect, immune system, vasodilation​ and relives pain as well as lowers sensitization​.


MILTA BIO device is the most advanced apparatus of MILTA series function-wise. It can be used both by professionals and home users. READ MORE…


MILTA F8 model was created specifically for medical organizations of different specializations. Extensions of this model can be used to increase range of possible procedures of this device. READ MORE…


MILTA F5 and F5A, unlike other models, are specialized on treateing a set of ailments, depending on their power. This allows client to pick a solution specifically for his problem for less of a price. READ MORE…


MILTA SPORT  is the newest model of the series, created together with specialists of «Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism». Its main appliance – fast recovery for people who tend to have an active way of live. READ MORE…

Related equipment

Attachments for terminals

Light guiding attachments purpose is to get radiation to illness. They are made in 15 different versions, each for its own area of body. You can find them in our price list.

«BIOLASER» glasses

«BIOLASER» glasses are used for protection of patients and doctors eyes during procedures.

Additional terminals for MILTA F8

MILTA F8 allows user to change or add radiating terminal. Besides terminals of different power category you can order terminals designed for specializing in certain set of problems. Before buying it is recommended to consult us or manual.

DT terminal

DT (aDditional Terminal) is used for simultaneous influence on paired organs with the same frequency as the original terminal of device, or for expansion of capabilities of device by adding additional set of frequencies.

EHF terminal

EHF (Extremely high frequency) terminal allows user to expand capabilities of device with EHF-therapy. EHF-terminal operates with electromagnetic waves of the EHF-range at three wavelengths – 7.1, 5.6 and 4.9 mm.

KT terminal

An additional terminal operating in both the IR and the red (0.63 µm) wavelength range. KT terminal with low-frequency modulation of radiation improves the quality of recovery processes and contributes to the lengthening of remission in the treatment of chronic recurrent diseases.

MT terminal

MT terminal (matrix type) of a large area (12 sq. Cm) – sometimes called a “laser shower” – has a high power of IR laser radiation (60 W) and a power of radiation of IR LEDs (100 mW). The power of these radiations is regulated discretely in the range from 0 to the maximum value. Teminal MT is intended for use in the treatment of wound, ulcers, dermatological and traumatic lesions of tissues and bones.

VLOK terminal

Additional terminals for intravenous laser irradiation of blood – DT-VLOK (2.5 mW) and DT-VLOK-M (30 mW) – operate independently of the main radiator of the device and are intended for carrying out blood irradiation procedures. The use of these terminals allows one not to buy a separate VLOK apparatus. When performing blood irradiation procedures, sterile and disposable KIVL-01 lightguiders for VLOK are used.

MVT terminal

The main purpose of the MVT terminal is the irradiation of the prostate gland by intrarectal access. The main factor of influence: impulsed laser light of infrared spectral range. MVT terminal is a matrix of laser sources collected within a separate sector, which ensures optimal power density only in the projection area of ​​the prostate gland.